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1D Composites is a leading producer of fiber reinforced pultruded profiles.
These profiles are manufactured at our own facilities in Zeewolde, the Netherlands, with advanced machinery.

​Pultruded profiles are manufactured following the pultrusion process.
Fibers are get impregnated in a resin bath, preformed and pulled through a heated die. The resin can also be injected in the die. The die gives the final shape of the profile.
Our machines have a pulling force of up to 40 tons. This allows us to produce profiles in large dimensions.
Pultrusion is a continuous process with the benefit of a good quality control. Pultruded profiles are dimension stable.
These profiles have very good mechanical and chemical properties. We work with a fibre content up to 75%. Therefore more and more contractors will choose these profiles above the traditional material.
1D Composites works closely together with the largest raw material suppliers worldwide. That's why can provide you an optimal service and advice from design until the end product.​
Pultrusion Drawing
pultrusion Labratory
Pultrusion Infeed
Pultruion Profiles
1D Composites BV
Jupiterweg 41a
The Netherlands
T  +31 (0)36 5309018

“We're a flexible and competitive company. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them!, From design til final product! So what are you waiting for, "Let's Meet"! 

Roger van Esch, Director

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